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Pump installation, service and repair on the Mid North Coast

Supply, installation, service and repair a full range of pumps and pump systems for commercial, strata, and industrial properties.

Michael Post, SAS Water Solutions

Micah Smith is arguably the best electrician we have used. Due to his high level of pump knowledge we engage him to carry out service calls and repairs on our contracted sites. Each time work onsite has been completed it has been done safely and you know that he will get the system back up online and operational.

Jessy Lee, Infinite Water

We were looking for someone who could supply automation and electrical works for our water treatment plants and Micah more than delivered. He built the control panels, developed the PLC and HMI programs, provided the electrical fit-outs and assisted with functional testing. We highly recommend Micah for any electrical and automation projects.

Patrick Puddefoot, Enviro Pacific Services

Micah is someone you can trust who will go above and beyond to meet all of your expectations and deliverables. His timeliness, quality of work and commitment to do whatever is required to get a job done has meant that Micah has made an invaluable contribution to the success of our company and projects over the years.

New water pump system installation.

OzFlow can deliver on new installations ranging from basic home pressure systems to package pump sets as well as fully customised systems. 

It can be difficult to source an exact fit for a pumping application from “off the shelf products” so we can design a system to cater for any situation. 

Control systems can include remote monitoring and control via a PC or mobile phone app allowing the owner to keep a close eye on important or sensitive systems. 

Trending and data acquisition is also a feature that can be handy, being able to trend bore levels in dry summer periods. Also with a flow meter installed, daily, weekly or overall totalised flows can be recorded and emailed to customer recipients.
New pump installation

Pump servicing and maintenance.

Routine servicing is important for ensuring reliability of any pump installation. 

Offering scheduled maintenance inspections and reports at intervals to suit the environment and the situation. 

Pumping equipment will require different levels of maintenance depending on the frequency of operation, the effects of the media, corrosive environments and flow rates just to mention a few. 

Inspection and cleaning of sensors can increase the life of instruments also providing more reliability.
Service and maintenance

Pump fault diagnosis, repairs and rebuilds.

Fast identification of control faults, repairs and refurbishment of many different pump systems and pump related equipment.
Fault diagnosis and repairs

Pumping applications

We source modern and efficient equivalents of your obsolete and problematic pumps. So, no matter what industry you are in, you be confident that you will receive the best equipment to keep your facility up and running.
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About Us

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OzFlow pumping solutions is a service-based company specialising in the supply, installation and maintenance of pumps and associated equipment. With two decades of experience in the water industry we are highly qualified and equipped to support any application to a diverse range of industries ranging from residential to large commercial businesses. We strive to deliver a high-quality outcome at an affordable price.
Over 20 years of experience in the water industry.
Fully licensed and insured.
We offer a 100% quality guarantee on all of our work.
Affordable upfront pricing with no hidden costs.
Our business is locally owned an operated.
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Premium pumping brands

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all of the products we use are considered to be the best available.

Product range

Whether you're looking for a pump, system or service, we have a solution that meets your unique needs.
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